Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Party

Tonight was our annual bunco Christmas party. It has become tradition that we have December bunco at Linda's. We don't play bunco this month but everyone does bring a gift and we play dirty santa. Kelley you will be happy to hear there was much 'stealing' going on. We started with a big pot of Gumbo and all sat around what is now known as the infamous girl talk table. We do have some interesting conversations at that table.

We had to keep watch on these two before it was time for the game.

Here we are getting ready for the game:

And then it was time to start opening the presents. We drew numbers. Cherry got to go first.

Jennifer L. was second and even though Cherry had a fun, great gift, she decided to open another great gift. It is always a hard decision, there are no bad gifts.

The unwrapping, stealing, and oohing and awhing continued.

Wendy wins the prize for taking the longest to pick a gift.

Then we had some presents for everyone.

And I cannot believe we did not get a photo of the biggest surprise of all. However you can read all about that surprise on Jennifer L's personal blog.

Here is the group photo. It is one of the best group photos we have.