Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Bunco 09

This month for bunco we decided to go out to eat. Olive Garden is a favorite of ours so this is where we decided on.

Trying to take a new profile pic for Leigh:

After dinner we decided it was too early to head home on bunco night so the 7 of us ventured to Target.

We tried on some sunglasses:

We looked for some shoes.

Sheri found these boots for Leigh and then found the sandals to match. We called them the Pocahantas shoes and no they were not purchased.

Then Jenn L. and Jenn W. wondered if they were too old for these rainboots.

Then Wendy wanted these black heels but could only find one of them, we looked all over for the match. It ended up being right in front of our face. Jenn W. had the pink ones just like them. Then after all that they did not even buy them!

Courtney tried some eyeshadow:

Sexy Can I, borrow that eyeshadow!

I am surprised we did not get kicked out of Target. We got plenty of funny looks though. It was so FUN!