Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov. Bunco

We had our Nov. bunco at Cherry's house. She had roast beef sandwiches with au jus, broccoli salad, spinach dip and potato salad. After we feasted on that we sang Happy Birthday to Wendy and gave her some small gifts. Then we had ice cream cake for dessert!

Wendy had a hard time accepting that Laura's hampster was a boy and did not have a tumor.

We also found another new way to roll the dice. Place the dice on the end of spoons and then smack the spoons. The dice go flying in the air -- too funny!

Then we had a small photo session. I love Cherry's house with the stairs and balcony and had been wanting to take these photos for a while. I think they turned out really good. (and thanks to Laura for taking these photos for us)

Here is the traditional Wendy/Jen picture for the night along with a couple of others.

This picture is of the 5 remaining original members. We started this bunco group 4 years ago this month. It is our 4 yr. buncversary. It has been one of the best things I have in my life (personally) and I imagine the others would agree.