Thursday, April 2, 2009

April bunco 09

We had our April bunco at Michelle's house. She made a mexican casserole and had coconut and chocolate pies for dessert.

We started off with Wendy singing Wilson Phillips for us.

And then with Michelle giving us the instructions.

Not a winner (Leigh):

The real winners for the evening:

And Wendy -- I think I figured out why you haven't won, Look at the past winners pictures from the past 6 months or so and notice what they all have in common!

Here is Wendy and her substitute photo partner for the evening.

Here are the group photos for the evening. As you can see we had just as many subs as we did "regular" members.

The best pic first few tries:

And then look what a difference a tripod and some lighting issues make (those photography classes are starting to pay off!)

And then I think this was supposed to be a joke on Jenn L. because she is the only one looking at the camera. I think she is still confused about what was going on.