Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. Bunco 09

This month bunco was hosted by Leigh. She made baked potatoes and the fixin's along with barbequed chicken and chips and dip. We had a WW chocolate pie and a giant birthday cookie that Wendy brought for Leigh.

Jenn W couldn't stay but she stopped by for just a few minutes to say hi! Naturally she had to get her photo with Wendy before she left.

We ended up with one to many to play so Leigh sat out. She took the camera and took some photos. I am not sure what is going on in these photos but I am sure it was hilarious.

Here are a couple of group shots:

The winners

The subs (thanks Maggie, Carol, Debbie and Melissa)

Singing Happy Birthday to Leigh

This would have been a great shot of Courtney and Sheri but Sheri hid her face so it is a great shot of Courtney.

And the group photo of the night (although the lighting is horrible):