Friday, October 5, 2007

October Bunco

Our October Bunco was held at Jennier W's house. We decided to have a halloween dress up night and wear costumes. As we arrived one by one the excitement increased. The costumes were very cute and creative. We had a military person, a policewoman, a little girl, a soccer mom, a nurse, a big bunco girl, a runner, a hippie, and a fairy grandmother show up to play bunco.

After our delectable dinner of mexican chicken lasagne, chips and rotel dip and salad, we had hot fudge cake for dessert. Even though the dinner was really good, the hot fudge cake was even better. Then we set off to play some bunco. Even though there was some peer pressure to not play, we did manage to play a couple of rounds.

And we are already training our children to be big bunco babes when they grow up. Taylor really enjoyed rolling the dice but even more she loved to ring the bell. Hmm, I wonder who she belongs to.

And here is the group photo.