Monday, April 7, 2008

April bunco

Jen L. was the hostess for April. She decided to host at her mom's house so there would be plenty of room. There was craftiness everywhere from the decor to the prizes.
Here are the cups and napkins:

Our menu included mexican chicken and corn pudding and of course the chocolate fountain for dessert.

Jen W. rolled the first bunco of the evening. She was very excited when she rolled a second bunco thinking she would be able to take home the big bunco prize but Paula beat her out when she rolled 3 big buncos.

We kept score using these little boxes that Jen L. made for everyone and m&m's. We used a big peanut butter m&m's for big buncos and regular m&m's for wins. Wendy thought they made great little shakers.

Here are the subs for the evening: Lindy, Matilda (aka Madie) and Paula.

And here are some other shots of the night:

And here is a photo of Jen W. and Wendy. It seems we have this exact photo only with different clothes almost every month. Hmm, wonder how that happens. I also have a great video of the two of them but I will refrain from posting on the internet for now. But the two of them better be real nice to me over the next few months, hehe!