Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Bunco

Sheri was the hostess for our May bunco, we had pizza and pie, such a delight.

Stephanie and Melissa were are subs and Sally joined us as well.

Melissa had been feeling some labor pains earlier that day so Sheri decided it might be a good idea to put a bag underneath her, just in case. (of course we found out the next day it wasn't such a bad idea as all the uncontrollable laughter and fun sent Melissa into labor on Friday)

Since Wendy wasn't able to be there, Jen W. found a couple of new temporary camera buddies for the night.

Janet decided it might be fun to play a twist on a shall we say familiar bridal shower game. Here are some of the things that we say while playing bunco:

"Forget it, I can't do it"
"We are just slip sliding around"
Give me that, give me that, GIVE ME THAT"
"You don't tell a woman to stop"
"I can't sit on the long end"
"I think I should shake them"
"Why am I stopping?"
"This is Sally's first time to come"
"I'm going to use the other hand"

We also discovered a new way of rolling the dice by hitting the bottom of the card table and making the dice bounce. This resulted in uncontrollable laughter.

Here are a couple more pictures: