Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Bunco

We had our annual Christmas bunco party at Jennifer W.'s house. We ate chili for dinner and peanut butter pie, lemon pie and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

We brought our gifts for the dirty Santa game and Jenn W. drew number 1.

Then it was Jenn L.'s turn

She opened this really pretty vase

And Wendy immediately stole it

Then we had to pause for a really great story told by Kelley and Jenn L.

It was Kelley's turn and she tried to steal Jenn W.'s decor

But then opened a really snowman

and the group

Only 6 of us were able to be there last night. We are doing a little revamping of our group and hopefully the new version of Silly Sistas will work out great!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

November bunco

We had our November bunco at O'Charley's. We also had a little baby shower for Courtney.

The group

Courtney got some cute gifts and we had cake.

We really caused quite a stir at the restaurant. We had a waitress and a waiter that we really gave a hard time. We did share our cake with them though and they loved us so much the waiter wanted his picture made with Courtney. Then he made this picture (really one similar taken with his phone) his new profile pic.

Kelley said something that was apparently so funny the waitress literally ROTL.

Then a few of us ventured to Target where Jenn. L. found this fantastic scarf with built in hat!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October Bunco

Well we didn't have bunco in August and for some reason I didn't take any pictures at September bunco. Wendy hosted September bunco but we had so many out and for some all of us that were there just felt funky. So we ate dinner and sat around one table and just talked.

Christy was the hostess for October. We had a low turn out but still had some laughs. Christy's mom is visiting her and they made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner and Pumpkin Spice cupcakes for dessert. So good!

Sam welcomed us to her house.

Wendy and Kelley 'won' the cute prizes for the evening.

And a cute 3-generation photo!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Bunco

We had July bunco at Courtney's house. We had Chicken tetrazinie (sp?) and hot fudge cake to eat. YUM!

The winners for the evening: Teresa, Jenn L, and Melissa

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Bunco

We had our June bunco at Kelley's house. It was pouring down rain as we arrived. When Courtney came in she said she had gone to the wrong house (just one a few doors down) so she was completely drenched. Funny thing is, that house was having their bunco night too. Well then Linda came in a little bit later and said she had done the same thing. We laughed and laughed and thought it doesn't get any funnier than that. Spoke to soon cause it can get funnier. A little later a girl from their bunco came to our bunco and was at the wrong house!!

Here she is, she ran when I got my camera.

We were laughing so hard and being so silly that someone made a mess.

The winners: Christy, Jenn L. and Sara

And the group photo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Bunco

We had our May bunco at Cherry's house. It was time for us to add two new players to our group.

We put Christy on a chair and formally asked her to be a part of our Fabulous group.

She graciously accepted.

We had already asked Teresa to be a part of our group. Here are our two newest members.

Winners for the evening: Melissa, Kelley, Jenn L.

Jen/Wendy photo of the month

not sure what is going on here

group photo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April bunco 2010

We had our bunco this month at Michelle's. She had barbeque with beans for dinner and key lime pie for dessert.

Winners for the evening, they got a gift card for Vinegar Jim's.

Subs for the evening plus one ghost.

Me and Michelle (I guess this replaces the Jen/Wendy photo for the month, they took some but deleted them all cause they didn't like them, whatever!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March bunco 2010

Cheryl was the hostess for our March bunco. She went all out with green for St. Patrick's day. Everyone got 2 necklaces when we got there. She made irish beef stew, chedder bay biscuits, baked potatoes, key lime pie, and had sugar cookies with green icing. The tables had green plates, silverware, jelly beans, m & m's, and reeses. We drank from fancy glass cups.

Jennifer rolled the first big bunco of the evening and got to wear the "who's your paddy?" hat.

For some reason this picture makes me think of MJ's Smooth Criminal video.

Jen/Wendy pic

Sad because only 4 of our regular sistas were able to be there tonight.

But happy because they had fun anyway.


Plus subs only minus Joy and Mary cause they had to leave early.

And since we like to keep the blog G rated I will refrain from posting the other pictures and especially the video.