Thursday, March 6, 2008

March Bunco

Bunco in March was at Wendy's. We started with salad, pepperoni spaghetti, and bread. Then for dessert it was Chocolate Eclair Cake, yum yum! We made sure and ate extras for Jen W. who came up with a million excuses not to come, whatever. After a short infomercial by Wendy about the steam cleaner (and we all need one now) we started the rolling of the dice.

Michelle and Jen L. rolled big buncos at the exact same moment. There were not very many big buncos rolled last night.

We had to have roll offs for all three prize catergories: most buncos, least buncos, and most big buncos. We use our very cool light up disco dice for roll offs. Sheri really geared up for the roll.

And then she thought it might help if everyone blew good luck in the dice.

And it must have worked because she did win the prize.

Here are all the winners for the night:

And here are the subs for the evening. Polly came to play with Jen L. She is pictured between Teresa and Britney.

And one last photo: