Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Bunco

We had our Christmas bunco last night. Linda was the hostest but Josh was sick so Cheryl was nice enough to let Linda host at her house. We had yummy Coletta's pizza and some kind of truffle for dessert. Plus there was chocolate everywhere!

We don't play bunco on this night (much to Jenn W's delight) because we bring a gift and play the dirty Santa game. We have the best gifts brought so no one goes home with a bad gift.

Leigh and Wendy also brought us some cute little gifts and Leigh had a sorta game. There was an extra prize and whoever had the words Merry Christmas on the bottom of their bucket won. Here we all looked at once:

There were several Starbucks gift cards, a couple of bracelets, a couple of cute Christmas decorations, a scarf, a wallet, a blanket and a Twilight book (which grabbed the attention and loud screams of several players).

We did play one big round of bunco to see who gets to pick the big candy bars first. Just a casual round on the floor.

Jenn W and Kelley won first:

Here are some random photos of the night:

And then we tried to take a group photo by using the timer on the camera and a shelf against a wall. It was interesting, here is the progression of that:

Nope, not it:

Everybody ready except Jenn L:

And the final one (it is a little off centered but pretty good considering it was taken blindly)