Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Bunco

We had our Christmas bunco last night. Linda was the hostest but Josh was sick so Cheryl was nice enough to let Linda host at her house. We had yummy Coletta's pizza and some kind of truffle for dessert. Plus there was chocolate everywhere!

We don't play bunco on this night (much to Jenn W's delight) because we bring a gift and play the dirty Santa game. We have the best gifts brought so no one goes home with a bad gift.

Leigh and Wendy also brought us some cute little gifts and Leigh had a sorta game. There was an extra prize and whoever had the words Merry Christmas on the bottom of their bucket won. Here we all looked at once:

There were several Starbucks gift cards, a couple of bracelets, a couple of cute Christmas decorations, a scarf, a wallet, a blanket and a Twilight book (which grabbed the attention and loud screams of several players).

We did play one big round of bunco to see who gets to pick the big candy bars first. Just a casual round on the floor.

Jenn W and Kelley won first:

Here are some random photos of the night:

And then we tried to take a group photo by using the timer on the camera and a shelf against a wall. It was interesting, here is the progression of that:

Nope, not it:

Everybody ready except Jenn L:

And the final one (it is a little off centered but pretty good considering it was taken blindly)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nov. Bunco

We had our Nov. bunco at Cherry's house. She had roast beef sandwiches with au jus, broccoli salad, spinach dip and potato salad. After we feasted on that we sang Happy Birthday to Wendy and gave her some small gifts. Then we had ice cream cake for dessert!

Wendy had a hard time accepting that Laura's hampster was a boy and did not have a tumor.

We also found another new way to roll the dice. Place the dice on the end of spoons and then smack the spoons. The dice go flying in the air -- too funny!

Then we had a small photo session. I love Cherry's house with the stairs and balcony and had been wanting to take these photos for a while. I think they turned out really good. (and thanks to Laura for taking these photos for us)

Here is the traditional Wendy/Jen picture for the night along with a couple of others.

This picture is of the 5 remaining original members. We started this bunco group 4 years ago this month. It is our 4 yr. buncversary. It has been one of the best things I have in my life (personally) and I imagine the others would agree.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oct. Bunco

We had bunco this month at Michelle's. She had baked potatoes with all the stuff to go on it. Then she ordered these homemade pies from the lady who makes them for Vinegar Jim's, so goooooood!

Paula was one of our subs and it was her birthday so we sang happy birthday to her.

Debbie, another one of our subs, rolled the first big bunco of the night.

Kelley, Jennifer and Linda were the winners for the evening. These are cute glow witches from Avon and they sing "Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun", so appropriate.

And then here is the traditional Jen/Wendy pose and a couple others.

And here is Michelle with her cowardly lion toy from McDonald's.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Bunco

We had September bunco at Janet's. It was our first time to actually play bunco at Janet's. We had met there in the past but had a bridal shower and just a eat and talk before. First we went outside for some photos. Janet has such pretty scenery in her backyard.

Then we had fun jumping on the trampoline and checking out the new pool.

This one is kinda blurry but a great pose.

Then we headed inside for the meal. We had a rotel chicken casserole, green bean casserole and salad. It was yummy but didn't compare to the dessert. Ooey-gooey-butter cake. It melted in your mouth -- so good!

Then we played some bunco.

"Ooh Linda you smell good"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bunco or Shopping?

Jennifer W. was our bunco hostess for August. She welcomed us this month.

She thought she had a food disaster but things turned out very well. We had burgers (that we ate with no bread), potato salad, chips and some kind of corn dip. We had some chocolate chip peanut butter thing for dessert, as you see it was really good.

While eating our delicious dinner, the obvious question was asked, Do we even have the bunco stuff? Jenn W. was honestly shocked that she had not even thought about the necessity of the dice to play bunco. So we sat and talked for a minute and decided we should go shopping instead.

And here is the traditional Jen/Wendy pic for the month: